Brokenhearted Stumblers EP

by The Letter Show

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released 12 July 2013

George Stevens -- songwriting, vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, percussion. Daniel Crawford -- songwriting, vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica. Becca Bessinger -- songwriting, vocals, guitars, percussion. Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Joey Crawford. Album artwork created by George Stevens.



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The Letter Show Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: The Kind of Thing That Gets Passed Down
Must have been half the town lined along the creek
Preacher dunked the baby and Momma kissed her cheek
Christened her one of us, the strong and the proud
That’s the kind of thing that gets passed down

Neighbors hung and shook their heads as little Janie grew
She’d kick back by the barrel with the boys drinking booze
Momma warned “That bottle put your daddy in the ground”
And that’s the kind of thing that gets passed down

And don’t she have Daddy’s eyes?
Dark shiny opals full of pride
Does her best by God to stay clean
But don’t she got the trouble gene

Mama kept the doors locked and kept the gun unpinned
But damn if that boy didn’t sneak and find a way in
Nine months later Janie borrowed Grandma's Christening gown
That’s the kind of thing that gets passed down

Must have been half the town lined along the creek
Preacher dunked the baby and Momma kissed his cheek
Track Name: 40 Crosses
Bend in the wind hide in the night like a
Tribesman use the dead to win the fight
You’re just as bad as you'll ever be good you know that’s
When I knew it was time to set it right
Despair, lonesomeness, don’t know why maybe
Head back home to give it yet another try
Air's clean, well never runs dry, and no one talk about anything inside

Too little mornings, too many nights
Uneasy feeling never seem to ever be enough time 
Cloudy mind, roadie eyes
Snagged me with a Hundred pound test line

Forty crosses on the side of the road from the
Mountains all the way down to the Carolina coast
Broken heart and a busted hand you know that’s
When I knew I needed you to go away

Gotta novel’s worth of notes, a bound book of quotes that I’m
Takin to the well to sink it way down below
I thought about and remembered your taste now I’ve
Forgotten again why Im headin back to this place
Hide in the night bend in the wind 
Like the natives, use my kindness to defend
Just as good as you'll ever be bad you know that’s
When I knew its time to take back what we had

Understanding's nothin I've seen in you with your
Wicked ways and your keener sense of cruel
Caring nature's unnatural too well I
Can't explain it  - maybe I love you
Track Name: Get Well Soon
It aint enough that lately as a man I'm feelin low
Now I find that trouble's been the guide
Tracks could tell me something but they’re fillin up with snow
Oh, you're here no more

There was a day long ago
I tied your heart to a chain
And I walked away

I made a bet one summer day I knew in time I'd lose
It's the kind you only make because you wanna believe it's true
Now I'm hard up, I'm in a hole, it's all because of you
Goddamn I should have known it too

That anytime a penitent
Has the mind to take a step
Aw they will

[la la la la]

Maybe she's just manic
Or the coffee makes her panic
But the words that pass between her lips
Are underlined and asterisked
She slashed her wrists
For faster bliss
All she got were bandages
And I signed em get well soon

[la la la la]
Track Name: Blue Side of the Road
I'm walking on the blue side of the road
Ever since my one sweetheart did decide to go alone

She left me dangling, but she was angling for another man

So she left me here, on the blue, side of the road

I'm walking on the blue side of the road

If my feet will ever take me across the street again

We could meet again, or i can find another friend
Just as sweet as sin, we'll never be again on the blue side of the road

But until i find a reason, some bright beacon
That we can
 both agree would bring us out of the dark

i'll just keep on beatin this here path without ever reaching

I'm walking on the blue side of the road
Ttil the mile marker count down no more miles left to go

Then with nothin left, i can double back, down the road again

I'll keep continuing on the blue side of the road

I'm walkin on the blue side of the road

Where all the broken hearted stumblers out loud wonder 
where their women went,
Where they hiding them? aw the answer is anybody's guess

But they won't be on the blue side of the road
Track Name: Letters
Letters, come to me
Letters, keep me busy

Letters, fill my time
Arrange the page to inspire and rhyme

I traded love for letters
So line up lovely

Dear friend, the house is still
Traded my company

For the quiet of letters
So line up lovely

I traded love for letters
So line up lovely

I'm counting on letters
To line up lovely